The overwhelming majority of Basque industry resumes operations today

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Most of the Basque industry will resume operations today, Tuesday, after a few weeks of standstill in the main production facilities. The return will be gradual, with hygienic precautions and the great unknown of how much they can actually produce in a situation with low international orders.

Since the March 14 alarm decree, which paralyzed non-essential activities until April 9 and Easter, many companies have had to close practically for a month. Castellanos y Echevarría - Vitoria, S.A. however, was able to maintain customer service at all times, deliver material and continue to serve its customers. CEVISA has drawn up an action log against COVID-19 with the necessary preventive measures. This includes adjusted schedules, provides its employees with correct protective masks, gloves and disinfectants and ensures a safety distance of 2 m between the workstations, so that production can continue with complete safety. To reassure workers, the company has offered to have COVID-19 tests performed, a move that has been very well received.