The showroom of our customers, the best showcase of machines for the metalworking industry

Monday, February 3, 2020

One of the most common problems of our commercial activity is the fact that machines can rarely be displayed while they are mounted in our facilities. Training is often done during the testing phase of a machine, before delivering it. More often, when a prospective buyer wants to see a specific machine in operation, our task is to make an appointment at a customer's premises with a demo machine previously sent. In our recent "tour of France" we have seen that the best way to market our range of chamfering machines is to give them the visibility they deserve with demonstration machines in the show-rooms and exhibitions of our partners. With the show-rooms of our business partners, a wide network of permanent exhibition halls is created around the world, where machines of all sizes can be seen and tested available to all our customers, ensuring that they are always in operation and prepared for an on-site demonstration (upon request). Our clients know, that they can count on a partner who can help them understand the entire process necessary for the preparation of welds without the effort of manual labor. Incredible as it may seem, that many welding stations still prepare welds with handbevellers. An unnecessary and expensive work in all its aspects. Clients, who are unaware of the work of our chamfering machines with automatic feed, who, when they see and test them in the exhibitions of their usual marketer, quickly become convinced and see the investment profitable in a short time.